A Westside Story...


The Westside LLFC was established in 1966 and played in the city's prestigious TYRO League.  Winning numerous championships at different levels, Westside LLFC was a decorated program.  Westside LLFC went by the (from youngest to oldest) Longhorns, Bills, Bisons, Broncos and Bulls.  The Broncos name was eliminated when the TYRO adjusted to just 4 levels.  Former New York Giant and Super Bowl Champion (XXI), Phil McConkey, was one of the more famous players to have played for Westside LLFC.  In the 80's, Westside LLFC developed a historic rivalry with the South Buffalo Football Association.  It was the game to be at every Sunday for well over a decade.  Eventually that Rivalry wore off, but a new foe took over.  Black Rock Riverside and Westside LLFC games became the focal point of TYRO football for the remainder of the TYRO era.  Following the 2015 season, TYRO became defunct and Westside LLFC and its rivals went their separate ways.


Westside LLFC used the WS logo on their helmets for 50 seasons.

 Westside LLFC competed in the TYRO Milk bowl in 2009.


A new era started for Westside LLFC under the name of the Seahawks.  The Westside Seahawks joined the nations largest youth football organization, AYF.  The AYF breaks up the United States into regions to better organize their postseason tournament.  The Westside was a part of the Big East region and played their local league contests within the Upstate AYFL.  The Seahawks quickly established a rivalry with the JFK Giants (Hill Butler Giants).  In 2018, Westside LLFC adopted one of their original names and carry that name with them today.  They are now known as the Westside Bulls and continued to compete in the AYF national league.  Winning a 14U local championship in 2019 and participating in the WNY Youth Football Invitational in 2022, the Westside was back on the rise.  AYF continues to be a major national league, but the Upstate AYFL local division decided to change national partnerships.  In 2023, the Upstate AYFL has partnered with the United Youth Football League and changed their name to the Upstate United YFL.


The Westside Seahawks identity was short lived in the AYF, but a unique piece of Westside LLFC history.


Westside LLFC partnered with the University at Buffalo to give college students that were inspiring coaches experience through the youth organization.  Westside adopted their Logo to show their dedication and to bring back one of their traditional names.


This chapter may be short, but it was the most important chapter for our organization.  We worked endlessly to enter one of Western New York's top leagues.  In order for us to get back to our roots of traditional local league football, we decided to apply to NEYSA, NOFA and OATKA.  We also had a very short conversation with the President at Empire West.  Unfortunately, all of those leagues denied us for the upcoming season.  A few explained that they needed to review us for a season before making a decision.  With that being said, we committed to the United Youth Football League.  The United Youth Football League is a national umbrella for youth football, much like the AYF.  Our local league moved to this national membership and now competes under the name Upstate United Youth Football League.  Our teams battled all year and represented the Westside very well.  Our 8U and 10U squads made the playoffs and lost to nationally ranked teams.  Our 10U lost to the CGE Eagles that went on to win a National Championship, only to have it stripped for rostering a 12 year old the entire season.  The 10u squad did however finish 2nd in the WNY Youth Football Invitational 11U bracket.  Our 14U played a tough Ogden Bears team from Rochester in the League Championship and lost by a touchdown.  The most memorable moment of the 2023 season happened in late September.  Our Cheerleading squad rocked out and brought home all of the trophies in the leagues cheer competition.  The future of the Lady Bulls is bright and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future.  In conclusion, the Bulls showed up and showed out in 2023.

2023 brought a new era and new logo.  This Bull has "Westside" engraved on the West horn of the Bull giving it a unique and personalized logo for the organization.


Our organization applied to and was unanimously voted into one of the most competitive and respected leagues in Western New York.  We are officially a part of the OATKA league and we could not be more happy for our families. This league opens up new opportunities and friendships, but old rivalries as well.  Many of our old TYRO league friends are a part of OATKA and with their help, they propelled us into their great league.  It has been a long journey and this next chapter should be a thriller.  We cannot wait for South Buffalo Week!!